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Company Profile

CoolKote Window Films, part of Solaire Window Films leading supplier of professional window film products. Our films offer a range of solutions to ensure you or your family remain in a comfortable and secure environment.

CoolKote window films are built up from layers of high quality polyester, metalised, laminated and coated using special adhesives, ultraviolet inhibitors and protective scratch resistant coatings. Differing concentrations of metal particles create varying degrees of colour and solar energy deflection capability.

CoolKote installed films are very eay to maintain with their scratch resistant coating, which keeps the window film looking new for longer, and no special equipment is needed for cleaning the windows.

Besides our range of window films that are supplied by some of the worlds best and most advanced manufacturers, we also supply solar blinds and varnishes.

We imploy a highly trained and motivated team of professional installers who visit clients in a fleet of fully equipped vans. We carry a vast range of films and blinds and our technical advisors can help you find the best solution to your window problems. Our team is dedicated to supplying a superb film selection, installation and aftercare service with a minimum of disruption at a highly competitive price.

For more details or a FREE quotation please call our office direct on 01522 811175 or alternatively, click here to complete our quotation request form.

CoolKote Window Films Conservatory Window Film Window Film Applications Benefits of Window Film
CoolKote Window Films Installation Window Film Installation Conservatory Cooling Films Safety & Security
Conservatory Window Films Conservatory Window Films Home Protection Films Fade Protection
Temperature Control Window Films Temperatue Control Privacy & Decoration Reduced Glare & Heat
Reduced Window Glare Reduced Window Glare Office Window Films
Improved Security Window Films Improved Security Window Films Commercial Films
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Window Films Birmingham Window Films Gloucestershire Window Films Manchester Window Films Surrey
Window Films Bristol Window Films Hampshire Window Films Milton Keynes Window Films Suffolk
Window Films Cambridge Window Films Herefordshire Window Films Norfolk Window Films Wales
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